“Al-Quran” Greatness & Virtues

“Al-Quran” Greatness & Virtues

Quran’s significance and ethics are so great that one cannot summarize all the ethical virtues in one blog. One of the Saying of Holy Prophet Muhammad PBUH is produced below in order to focus and assist in the true understanding and importance of Quran.

Holy Prophet Muhammad PBUH () said that, if a faithful (Muslim) who has not memorized any segment or portion of Quran (Verses-Surah) is just like a demolished or deserted house. 

All of us know that a House where nobody lives has usually dimness or darkness. It becomes a place for bugs, bats, rats, demons and Satan. The place starts smelling and nobody likes to live in such a haunted house. So is the example of the Heart of an individual where if no part of Quran in it, there will be no light or wisdom which can drive him / her towards the right direction. That person becomes a captive of the pie in the sky considerations and his own made thoughts. Such an individual won’t carry on with a cheerful life in this World and definitely not in the eternal life in Hereafter, too. May Almighty Allah save us from this misfortune. Aamin.

This Hadith has underscored that there must be no Muslim who is destitute from Quran in his heart and must retain at least some part, segment or portion of Quran. How strange is it that if we memorize poems, jingles, quote, maxims then why not The Holy Quran? One must remember that in the entirety the world talking shows will remain here in this world and all that will go with us to the grave would be our good deeds and Quran being in our Hearts & Brains.

Chapter 30, “Surah Al-Asar” in Quran states in these words… “Each one of us in this world is at loss other than those who have Emaan (Faith) and carry out good deeds and preach rightness and stay tolerant if some terrible thing comes to them because of this preaching”.

In another Hadith it is said that whosoever even listen to the Quran simply, a good deed is written in his / her account which keep on growing. Whoever read a Verse or Ayat will become a light / noor on the Day of Judgment.

Quran –Source of Joy

On the Day of Judgment when there will be no light and would be all around dark, people will be frightened and each one would be looking for a refuge, nobody will know where to go, at that time Quran will turn into the source of light and joy for those who kept it as their companion in the mortal World. May Almighty Allah make this Quran our Source of Light on the Day of Judgment. Aamin.

Prophet Muhammad PBUH (ﷺ) said further that on the Day of Judgment a person would be said to read Quran in the manner he / she recited in the world with a similar decent quality and afterward in remuneration, the spot in Jannah where that individual will stay will be the spot where he / she finish the last Verse of Quran.

In the event that anybody who memorized a greater amount of Quran, his place in Jannah will be higher than the person who memorized the lesser part of Quran.  Hazrat Usman (رضي الله تعالى عنه) narrated that Holy Prophet Muhammad PBUH (ﷺ) said that among you is the best who learns the knowledge of Quran and afterward pass on to other people (Bukhari).

Best of All : Al-Quran

Here in this world, we think that the best is the person who has more knowledge and technical education; someone who has more riches or notoriety; someone who is master of languages, dialects, books, themes whether it is political, logical or specialized. But ALLAH Almighty discloses that the best among us are those who learn Quran, recognize what it says, act upon it and afterward train and spread to the others to understand it.

Prophet Muhammad PBUH (ﷺ)said that Allah Almighty says for an individual who is occupied by Quran and unable to do my Ziker or make a Dua from me, I (ALLAH) will give that individual more than what I provide to those who pray for anything. Quran’s significance when contrasted with different categories of knowledge/info/ words is just the same as Allah’s enormity over the entirety of the made creatures. (Tirmidi)

Excellence of reading Quran

One ought to recount Quran day and night while standing or lying and with love and interest while attempting to comprehend what it implies.  If we follow only the materialistic common ways, we will be lost in desires. The biggest reward of Jannah is hanging tight for us so we should rush to get the prize by reading and following Quran in this World.

Ayesha (رضي الله تعالى عنها) narrates that Prophet Muhammad PBUH (ﷺ) said… Whosoever has read Quran (easily) will become among the respectable and dutiful attendants and who read as though he stumbles while reading will get two prizes, one for the recitation and another for the exertion or difficulty.

Read Quran & Be in Jannah


•        No Quran in one’s heart resembles to an abandoned house.

•        Quran will be a source of light on the Day of Judgment.

•        Read Quran during the day and night on different occasions.

•        Memorizing Quran helps in promoting the spot in Jannah.

•        Understand Quran & Allah will give more than others.

•        Quran over other different knowledge resembles the enormity of Allah over his creature and manifestations.

•        The best among us are those Individuals who learn the Holy Book of God (Quran) and spread it to others.

•        Reading Quran with difficulty brings two prizes, one for the reading and the other for the extra efforts and exertion.

May Allah Almighty bless and help us all to read, understand, act and spread the Holy Quran in the best ideal ways as guided and desired by our Holy Prophet Muhammad PBUH.

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