Basic Quran Reading

Many people have shown a great interest in learning and understanding the basic Quran reading but are struggling to find the right place for it. Hence, we have established an online platform for children, adults and reverts where they can gain the necessary Quranic knowledge. You will be able to study the Quran through a step-by-step procedure. Moreover, your kids can learn how to read the Quran with our male and female teachers. Since it is the basic reading of the Quran, we shall begin with the Noorani Qaida and then proceed towards the small chapters. We will also guide our students about Tajweed throughout the process. Through our Online Quran Academy, you shall be able to read the Holy Quran fluently and beautifully.

Reading Al Quran

The original text of the Quran was revealed in Arabic, and it has remained intact in that language since its revelation. If you do not know Arabic, you need not worry about reading Al Quran because we will help you understand the meaning of every word. We are providing translations in every language, so you will not have to worry about that either. 

We shall encourage the readers to consider the message, analyze the significance of basic Quran reading, and accept it with knowledge rather than blind faith. Feel free to seek clarification from our qualified Muslims at any time.

Quran Learning for Children

Our Quran reading course for children is interactive and informative as well. We meticulously create an environment where children feel it fun to memorize the verses. Indeed, the young are excellent at the skill of memorization. Adults, on the other hand, find it a little difficult.

Hence, if you want your child to remember the Quran, get started as soon as possible. Now is the time that they would easily learn everything. Enroll your child in one of our exceptional Quran classes. leave their learning process up to us and we shall exceed your expectations. We will make certain that you get the most out of these Quran teaching sessions.

When it comes to teaching the Quran, our tutors and teachers have a wealth of experience. Their exceptional abilities and experience place them in the greatest possible position to assist you in learning the Quran online. We shall strictly keep track of each student’s progress in our web portal of online Quran classes for kids. And, at the end of the week and month, we shall share a report with the parents.

Learn Quran with Trial Class With Us

Online Reading Course

The last Prophet, Muhammad (PBUH) encouraged the reading of the Quran. He was honored to have been the Prophet receiving the last of the divine books.

Abu Hurairah (RA) reported that the Prophet (PBUH) said,

“There was not a Prophet from amongst the Prophets, except that he was given the like of (miracles) upon which people believed. (As for me), I have been given Wahy (Divine Inspiration) which Allah has revealed to me, and therefore I hope that my followers will outnumber the followers of the other Prophets on the Day of Resurrection.”

Therefore, learning and comprehending the Quran will mean obeying our beloved Prophet. To assist you in this regard, we are offering an online reading course. You shall not need to alter your everyday routine nor modify your way of life for this online Quran reading. You simply need to pick a moment during the day when you can devote some time to learning. Simply begin learning the Quran from the comfort of your own home.

Moreover, we are providing you with the option of selecting the tutor with whom you wish to study in our online Quran reading classes. You can have the course with either a male or female instructor. Female teachers are frequently preferred by women and young girls. As a result, we have plenty of female teachers in our team. You need only select your preferred time slot to begin the online Quran reading right away! So, do not lose out on this opportunity to learn Quran and embark on a new path in life!

Why should you choose us?

Knowledge is an endless sea. Its alluring waves are inviting you and I to sail away and return wealthier than ever before. Therefore, we are here to provide you with the wealth that the Quran holds. Our qualified male and female instructors are ever ready to take you to explore the intricacies of the world Allah made, the enlightening stories of the past and the injunctions for the present and the future. Join our platform to learn Quran reading online and you shall know what an amazing book Allah has sent down upon us.