Best Parenting Guide

Best Parenting Guide

How to Raise The Children in Islam?

Children are the real blessing of Allah Almighty for parents. Every parent wishes to have them and groom them with all good standards of ethics and moral values in order to enhance their capabilities for the future. Islam has set the best standards for raising the children with steering of Holy Quran & Sunnah. According to the guiding principles of Islam, we can make the upbringing of our kids valuable not only for ourselves above all but also for the whole Muslim community & the mankind at large. 

Islam is the only Code of Life on Earth which is perfect and complete in all respects of our existence. Allah Almighty described it in its entirety in the Holy Quran and Holy Prophet Muhammad PBUH in Hadith (Sayings of Holy Prophet Muhammad PBUH). Every child carries importance and a great significance in Islam. Sure, He / She can deliver a lot services for Islam in spreading it, if properly groomed.

“Your wealth and kids are a tribulation (Fitna), while with Allah with Him is a wonderful reward (Paradise).” [Surah At-Taghabun – # 64 Verse 15]

Muslims strongly believes in the life after death i.e. The Hereafter as a part of their Faith. So, in order to get the rewards and success over there, as Parents, we are direly needed to make the efforts to raise and groom our children according to the core fundamental of Islam.

How to Raise a Child in Islam?

Islam is a realistic Religion of Nature that incorporates beliefs, rituals, and ordinary duties. You have to research and apply all Islamic principles to be a pious Muslim. As a parent, raise your kids in line with Islam and you will get the limitless rewards.

“Observe justice in managing your kids the same manner in which you count on them to look at justice in being kind and desirable to you.” – Sahih Bukhari

Following are a few guiding tips with the lessons of Islam parenting children. It will enable to make your children knowledgeable, productive and true believer of Islam. Eventually, it would help to understand and lead a life in line with teachings of Islam.

Accepting Your Child as Blessing of God

Before Islam, people used to kill their daughters as a disgrace to them. Islam prohibited it and gave dignity to the Women. In fact, they have the wrong beliefs regarding their children and kill them to keep their meals and costs affordable. Islam offers cognizance to the humans and as parents, we should not forget that the children are a blessing and Gifts of God and you are obliged to provide them the following facilities in the best possible way.

•           Food & Clothes

•           Education & Shelter

•           Love & Care

•           Time & Guidance

•           Safety & Security

•           Identity & Inheritance

Religious Education

As Muslim parents, we should raise and groom our kids with religious understanding. Islam stresses on kids education in particular. Parents are ordered by way of Islam to teach their kids The Prayers after 7 years of baby age.

Before 7 years the parents must take part in playing with the kids like a child. They ought to love and kiss their kids. Be gentle with your children and guide them with affection. Narrated that a person once came to the Prophet (PBUH) and said:

“I have by no means kissing my children.” The Holy Prophet (PBUH) felt sorry for that and replied: “A person like this could be a resident of the hearth of hell.”

 It’s obligatory for Muslim parents to teach their youngsters about the following Basics of Islam:

•           Islamic Beliefs

•           Quran Knowledge

•           Knowledge about Hadith

•           Rituals & Obligations

•           Rights & Duties of a Muslim

•           Haqooq Ullah (Rights of Almighty)

•           Haqooq Ul Ibad (Rights of People)

•           Knowledge about Prophet’s PBUH Companions (Sihaba).

•           Knowledge about Prophet PBUH Life, Angels, Day of Judgment.

•           Knowledge about Personalities of Islam & Historical Events.

“If a person dies, his / her deeds are sealed off, except for 3 – Hadith:

•           A pious toddler who makes dua for the mother and father.

•           Continuous charitable deeds.

•           Knowledge left behind with which people get benefit.

Parents – Child Relationship

In Muslim society Parents & Children are very close to each other. Islam appreciate to love kids. There are instructions about parent’s behavior with the kids.

It is narrated in one of a Hadith that “Those who do not love youngsters (kids), do not respect Elders and do not regard the Scholars of Islam (Ulema), they have no place in Islam”. Holy Prophet (PBUH) also kindly said that “A person who have a child, ought to behave like a baby with him.”

Parents are considered to be a perfect example for every child. So, they are desired to be pious to pass on and deliver the religious and spiritual values to their kids. You ought to perform daily prayers and other spiritual rituals along with your kids. Teach them the etiquettes consistent with the Muslim way of life and appreciate them.

Make certain that they always speak Truth, perform 5 times Prayers regularly, believe in equality & justice and make sure to become a beneficial and inspiring member of the Muslim society – a man or woman full of spiritual and moral values for the Mankind, unquestionably.

The Holy Prophet PBUH said, “Indeed among the believers with the most complete Faith is the one who is the best in conduct and the most kind to his family.” (Tirmizi)


Children are the Gifts of God Almighty however as a Mother and Father it is our responsibility to convey our kids underneath the spiritual and moral values of Islam. Be pleasant with your children and treat them each with justice. Also teach them about our spiritual and social duties as Muslims that will lead them to a successful life according to Islam.

Make sure, they carry out all the spiritual obligations. Importantly, follow the teachings of the Holy Quran and lead a really perfect life in line with the Quran and Sunnah of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). You and your children will be blessed and rewarded by Allah Almighty for leading a life as a pious Muslim.

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