Importance of Teacher’s Guidance in Understanding Holy Quran

Importance of Teacher’s Guidance in Understanding Holy Quran

Importance of Teacher’s Guidance in Understanding Holy Quran


Holy Quran is the guide book for all humanity. It is a book of the perfect towards the way where Muslims turn for direction. Our holy book is an ultimate guide on every walk of life and shed light towards precise solutions towards any known life problem, because it has an answer for every question and encourages us to do Fikar, meaning analyze and think insightfully about a subject matter.. The holy book provides us with guidance in every aspect of our life. In all manners, it is an immortal discourse of Allah all-powerful and an examination direct forever.

Quran Memorization gives us inward heart tolerance and appreciation, and in this manner it merits an exhaustive and more top to bottom investigation when contrasted with the other Islamic books. As a Muslim, we ought to get Quran, learn it and present it every day. Prior to retention, we should realize how to recount it with Tajweed. Through these lines, we can procure our Allah Almighty gifts, not right now likewise in the future.

Beginners guide to Read the Quran with Tajweed

By choosing Online Quran Classes students, kids and adults, male and female can find better ways to read Quran with Tajweed. Online classes delivered by highly skilled Huffaz e Karam and qualified Quran teachers. The Quran learning course for beginners includes:

·         Identifying and adequately understanding the Arabic alphabets which we called Haroof e Abjad.

·         Reading the Holy Quran with proper tajweed

·         Understanding the Basic Islamic Principle

·         Quran Memorization or Hifz for any selected Surah

·         Memorization of some Duas

·         Quran Reading & Qirat with Tajweed

·         Learning and memorization of the six kalmas

The online Quran memorization, tajweed and associated learning courses are designed for beginner’s students and kids. The course increases the potential of students to learn Quran online after attaining comprehensive skills with proper Tajweed. It also bases on the fundamental and true guidelines of our Islam. These guidelines are valuable for the entire nation in their life!

Learn Quran Classes Academy is an educational organization was set up with an idea to pursue the teachings of the Holy Quran using the latest digital technology. Our main focus is to spread the true teachings of the Quran through the Best Online Quran Teachers.

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