Islamic Studies Courses

We all are aware of the fact that Islamic studies have much influence on the people. This kind of education has become a necessity for our children and students. Islam is our identification so we should never forget this. We should not only gain knowledge about our religion Islam but also teach it to our children in order to secure their future. Islam tells us a complete way of living and beloved our religion is not only a belief but it is a complete code of conduct of life. Muslims spend their lives according to the right commands of Allah. If you want your young generation to become true Muslims, then you should make them study their beliefs so they can practice it in the future. Children have innocent hearts and brains so at this age they can easily grasp the knowledge. So it’s a responsibility for all the Muslim parents to start giving lectures on Islam to their children when they are young.

Course We Offer:

This course is specially made good for both children and new Muslims so that they are able to know basics of Islamic beliefs. Both Muslim men and women have the authority to study this course as it includes topics like:

  • The life of our Holy Prophet
  • Fiqh
  • Tauheed
  • Basic Islamic Duas
  • Hadith
  • History, and the holy Aimmah 

This basic Islamic Studies online course comprises of formal Deeni education and our scholars will thoroughly guide you about the values, theology, and faiths. The course that we offer teaches you with the right knowledge of the religion.