Learn Holy QURAN at Home

Learn Holy QURAN at Home

Learn Holy QURAN | Online Learning at Home

Learning QURAN Worth, Value & Importance

QURAN – A Guidebook from the Creator of the Universe ALMIGHTY ALLAH sent to the Mankind thru His Last Messenger & Prophet Muhammad PBUH. The Holy Book starts with the First Word & Verse “Iqra…BeIsme Rabbek Allazi Khalaq” means “Read…By the Name of your Cherisher – The Creator.

No One can ignore and overlook the importance & value of these divine Instructions of God…Read Quran. The whole Muslim World not only have firm Faith on it but also regularly Learn, Read, Recite & Memorize Holy Quran by Hearts with proper Understanding in addition in compliance.

Learning Quran with the fundamental Rules, Regulations & Pronouncing is called “TAJWEED” which facilitate Reading Quran smooth & fluent.

At the Next Step after NAZIRA (Simple Reading) Students learn to interpret i.e. “TRANSLATION” is Words & Meanings of Quran Verses which help them to prepare for complete Understanding of Quran with thorough explanation.  This Step is termed as “TAFSEER” i.e. Detailed Explanation of Verses with reference to the Context. That needs direly to be taught by the Authentic Teachers Only preferably by The Scholars.

Learning Quran with “Tafseer” is probably the best thing Muslims can do in their lives and each One of us should have a wish rather Goal-Setting to attain it in order to understand What does say the Creator of the Universe in his Holy Book to the Mankind.  Research has shown that people read  QURAN  but don’t understand the meanings, values and moral lessons stated over there. As Muslims we should all know the message of each Verse of Quran so that we can bring the insight view of Quran in our practical lives.

Memorizing Quran or Learning-by-Heart known to be “HIFZ” is yet another Blessing Reward for the faithful Followers of ISLAM. In other words “HIFZ e Quran” Certificate is narrated to be an Entry Ticket to Jannah (Paradise) as said by The Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

The Holy Book offers quick Solution to every single Problem of Mankind & other Creature on Earth too. We can find these Examples as much as we Learn, Read, Memorize & Understand Quran.


Muslims across the Globe face multiple Challenges in learning Quran in the Non-Muslim regions esp in the European countries due to following reasons:

  • Non-availability of Mosque/Islamic Centre.
  • Busy Schedules of Studies, Jobs or Business.
  • Insecure & Adverse Circumstances.

Moreover, some brethren don’t take risk to send their Children outside their Homes for Tution esp the Girlchild because Female usually face more  difficulties and sometime serious threats due to her vulnerability.

QURAN Online – Ways & Means

Learning by Apps, Pre-recorded Lessons & Online Quran Tutors thru Internet has made our lives a bit easier now & Learning thru Online Tutor Live stands the most reliable way to achieve maximum benefits side by side with instant Corrections.

By the passage of time Parents are getting satisfied with Online Tutoring for their Kids now. So don’t go anywhere, just Sign Up with any reliable and authentic Quran Academy Online where you will find almost Everything to be required for Learning Quran thru different Means & Communication Equipments using advance Technologies of Internet.

Welcome to Learn QURAN Online….

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