Memorization of QURAN (Hifz-e-Quran) & Role of Teacher

Memorization of QURAN (Hifz-e-Quran) & Role of Teacher

Every faithful Muslim knows that Holy Quran is One of the greatest Gifts of God ever created in the Heaven and granted by The Creator to the Creature by Almighty ALLAH thru His Last Prophet & Messenger (PBUH) via Head Angel Gabriel(as).

Quran is known as a Living Legend for Mankind and will remain until the Day of Judgement. Take honor to attach with this Talking Tool of Almighty “AL-QURAN”, sooner or later you would be able to follow the Instructions laid down in it after some times Insha Allah. Reading & Listening Quran is equally rewarding, however, Memorizing Quran stands Tall & high Above All in these 3 Categories. No doubt about it. By doing so We can bring our Lives on the Right Path & Right Line under the sheer Blessings of God Almighty. If we memorize it We will be among the Lucky Lot of The Most Fortunate People who are promised to get double reward of Peace & Respect in this World & in the World Hereafter too.

So, if anybody is convinced and wish to win a Ticket to Paradise upon Memorizing QURAN He/She must read the following Tips carefully.

Effective Tips

Memorization Process normally spans over a period of Minimum-Maximum 9months-1year if we have strong Will, Heart, Mind & Parents support with encouragement.  Heart & Mind are the 2 Main Actors who Perform Together, Work Together, Sleep Together & Wake Together as simple as that. Other vital factors which boost and facilitate the efficient Memorization are stated as under. 


Honesty is the best Policy so Honesty comes First. Clear Intention & Attention must be seen during the Studies & Memorization Process and is direly needed for Learner. Keep reminding yourself that Quran is a Holy Book carrying Words of Allah and memorizing it is an effort to get Allah’s Blessings for You, your family as well as salvage for your Parents upward to many Generations…No doubt about it…Said the Messenger of God (PBUH).

Stability & Regular Lessons

Another vital factor is Stability. Without this quality it would be difficult to memorize Quran within the stipulated time. You have to be stable and regular with your memorizing Method. Simple formula is that “The more Stable & Regular you are, the more you will memorize it Quick & Solid.

Place & Time:

For achieving your Target you have to allocate a decent Place at your Home & unique Time in your Time Table for Reading, Revision & Memorization. You have to recite Quran daily whether you Revise or Memorize a fresh lesson. Try to revise also in Prayers if possible. Students have to set a unique time for the Quran at their convenience. After picking up the Routine book your Timings and keep judging yourself with the ongoing progress.


Here we are talking about physical Awareness related to the Memorization of Quran. First you have to select any Mushaf (Printed Copy) to get familiar with its Lines and other illustratrations. Ask more about the details from your Teacher. 

Role of Environment:

Another important factor which helps during the Memorization process is the Environment which surrounds the Place. Preferably it should be marked Clean, Noise-free and ideally perfumed atmosphere That boost up the Mind clinically. Therefore, there should be a Spot where you develop your interest in learning Quran and nothing is there to distract your attention.

Memory Repetition:

We must keep this thing in our mind that there is no any wonderful trap for memorization of Quran. All you need to do is that Allow yourself to learn, Grip on repeating your lesson and once you move on to the next lesson, learn it by heart at the face of the foregoing lesson. There is no shortcut in memorization so you have to work hard & maintain repeating after repeating the lesson.

Understanding Meanings:

To understand the meanings of Words & Verses can also support in better memorization of Quran with the help of Senses. An Arabic lecturer seen saying that Memorization is easy because he knows these Words and is familiar with the Meanings of Verses. Therefore, for a non-Arab learner, the grand method of memorizing Quran is to read & identify with the means of expressions for the purpose of memorizing. 

Listening Recitation:

With the exception of giving unique time to memorization lecture, every Tip that could help in memorization of Quran is helpful to Presentation of the Lesson which you are attempting to memorize. So, have the recitation of Verses witnessed to your iPod and hold on to listening to them.

Have an Expert Quran Tutor:

Another extraordinary and reliable way of memorizing Quran is by means of locating a Partner with whom you can read out & reverse the particular Lesson. You and the Partner can each help each other by Having the Verses/Lesson back & forth and reverse listening to your recitation; hence by this way both Partners can memorize the lesson daily. Consequently, find a partner or an expert Quran Tutor through Online Quran Academy and enhance your learning with him.

Reciting Lesson in Prayers:

Another helpful way of using your memorized lesson is by Reciting in all Prayers. You have to recite a little part of Quran all through the Prayers Hence you can assist yourself in performing the Prayers and memorizing Quran at the same time. 


We all know that Memorization of Quran (Hifz e Quran) is observed as one of the most significant Honor & Award that a Muslim achieves. The above mentioned Tips can help a Muslim on this Holy Mission. We wish that May Allah Almighty give us all Help, Courage and Opportunities to Memorize this Holy Book “Quran” with His Kindness & Grace.

Aamin !!!

Note :

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Having said above One must remember that basic Principles of Quran like Tajweed & Nazira Quran (recitation accurately) Courses should have to be completed first before going for the Memorizing Quran, as it is a prerequisite for it.

Keep reading our Blogs for helpful tips in your learning and understanding of Holy Quran and try your best to act upon the teachings of Quran & Islam.

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