Memorizing the Holy Quran

Memorizing the Holy Quran

A Ticket to Paradise – Confirmed

Amongst other Blessings Allah Almighty (SWT) has showered upon us, the unique of all is the Holy Quran. Although,  we fail to recognize its real worth here in this life, but it will be evident in the Hereafter on the Day of Judgment. When the One who have memorized the Quran by Heart would be given a Crown of Honor and Apparel, the glory will be remarkable.

Abu Hurayrah RA narrated that the Holy Prophet (peace be upon him) said: “The Quran will come at the Day of Resurrection and would say, ‘O Lord, award him So he would be given a Crown of Honor to put on. Then it’s going to say, ‘O Lord, deliver him extra.’ So he would be given Garments of Honor.’ Then Quran will say, ‘O Lord, be pleased with him.’ So Allah (SWT) will be pleased him. Then it will be said to him, ‘Recite Quran and increase in status, and for each verse, you will be rewarded one more Step up in Jannah” – Tirmidhi.

With that perception, it is hard to disregard the virtues of memorizing the Quran. Have you ever been experienced on to receive a prize? The crowd cheering for you and the Chief Guest is handing you the award? If not, imagine being in this sort of role. How do you feel Fantastic? Well, it’s going to be the identical state of affairs. Except, the crowd would be the biggest And the Presenter would be the Most Supreme Authority. Who would not like to receive an award from Him? So, if you are eager to get this Honor then not to postpone it and learn Quran by Heart. Here are eight guidelines you ought to follow to make the adventure smooth:

1.      The First Gear

          For starters, you have to do the following:

•        Purify your aim – you need to only do it for the sake of Allah (SWT)

•        Pray – ask Allah (SWT) to honor and reward you in your hard work

•        Repent – forgiveness for all the sins you have committed in the past

2.      Find Your Tutor

Once you are clear for your goals, your subsequent step is to discover a reliable Tutor. Be it an Online Memorization Tutor or a recognized student of the Islamic Center. Make sure that the Teacher is knowledgeable and nicely versed in Tajweed Rules. He/she should be capable of guiding you and pointing out your flaws. Even you may read Quran for your own but having an Authority determines a big difference. It maintains you away from skipping the instructions or forgetting the previously learned verses.

3.      Stick to One Specific Copy

This rule will assist you master your Memorization (Hifz). Given that you are reading from the same replica, the verses will start appearing on your imagination when you recite. The shape of the verses and their placement stamps for your thoughts. It occurs because you hold looking at the replica for learning.

4.      Understand the Meaning

Allah (SWT) has dispatched down this Quran for implementation. Blind recitation of The Book will become surprisingly virtuous if you additionally recognize the meanings. You ought to recognize the commands tied up within each verse. It is crucial to know Quran in your mother language. As you can link the verse with its meaning and mastering becomes greatly attainable. The method of doing this is to examine the meanings of your lesson verses.

5.      Apportion the Daily Lessons

Every man or woman varies in his / her strengths. Instead of competing with your fellows, find the tempo that works for you, be it one page, half page or several verses. If you are mastering the Quran thru an Online Hifz Academy or an Online Memorization Tutor, they will help you find the velocity that works for you. Whatever it is, ensure you are steady with mastering. Do not falter from the constant lesson amount and make certain that happens, following the subsequent rules.

6.      Master Every Lesson

It is useless to onto the next session in case you do not master the last one.  If you have started this noble task, do not allow the passion die with time. Make it enterprising to recite it during the day. One tip of making it possible is to recite it in each Prayer (Salah). Also, make it a rule not to move on to the next lesson unless the existing one is fully memorized.

7.      Loud Voice

You may feel awkward to start with loud voice, however reciting in a loud voice really helps. When your voice falls onto your eardrums, you start memorizing the verses in a better way. Make sure you do not recite so loud that people around you get irritated. Keep your pitch moderate. For example, if you have joined an online memorization class, your voice needs to be loud enough for the instructor to listen. And while you are reciting for your own, it should be hearable on your ears. Reciting silently takes time, but while you read your lesson aloud, you will analyze higher.

8.      Devote Time

As said earlier, don’t permit the passion blow away with time. You are treading onto a noble assignment. You ought to allot a large amount of time to it. The time after Fajr and Maghrib is the best. Students should have a look at their lessons at this time as it brings notable effects. Try it out. You will feel the distinction.

The Bottom Line

In the end, it is important to say that the golden period of Quran memorization is 5 until twenty-three years. Yet, it simply does not imply which you cannot stride onto this assignment later. As the adage is going, if there is a will, there is a way. No matter which age bracket you belong to, you can be a Hafiz. All you need is devotion and follow all of the regulations. We wish you to win these glorious rewards on the Resurrection Day. Aamin.

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