Must Course for New Muslims 2020

Must Course for New Muslims 2020

Learning the basic knowledge about ISLAM especially the core Fundamentals and comply it to our daily life is mandatory for every Muslim. In the current computerized lifestyle, a unique Online Quran New Muslim Course has been designed to show the rudiments of Islam to new Muslims. 

Allah Almighty says in Holy Quran: 

“The individuals who have confidence and whose hearts discover harmony in the recognition of God” [The Quran]

“Certainly, God’s companions have nothing to fear, nor will they lament.” [The Quran, Chapter 10, Verse 62]. 

In our new Muslim course, students will have the option to know the Essentials of their Convictions, Life of our Holy Prophet Muhammad PBUH, Tauheed, Hadith, Fiqh and History. Our qualified Instructors coach the Students on the qualities, religious philosophy and the mainstays of Islam and how to realize each one of them. 

Holy Prophet Muhammad PBUH accentuation on learning of Islamic Knowledge, stated: 

“Learning the knowledge about Islam is compulsory on each Muslim”. 

Online Quran New Muslims Course Outlines: 

Subsequently, in our New Muslim Course, studies gives a detailed and comprehensive info about Islam, For example: 

The Five Pillars: 

1.      Shahadah 

2.      Prayer 

3.      Zakat 

4.      Fasting 

5.      Hajj 

The Islamic Beliefs: 

1.      Creation 

2.      The Reason Forever 

3.      Knowing Allah 

4.      Books uncovered by Allah 

5.      Messengers and Prophets 

6.      Hereafter 

Islamic Laws: 

1.      Understanding Islamic Laws 

2.      Different feelings and groups 

3.      General rules for living as a Muslim 

Living Islam: 

1.      Foods, garments and normal expressions 

2.      Gender relations, marriage and family 

3.      Financial issues and Social duty

Advantages of New Muslims Course: 

In our Online Quran Foundation, New Muslims Course is custom fitted to individuals who have quite recently embraced Islam or contemplating accepting Islam. Our New Muslim Course gives benefits like: 

•       Achieving Inner Peace 

•       Having a Direct Relationship with Allah 

•       Knowledge about perform Fasting, Umrah and Hajj 

•       Discovering Purpose throughout daily life 

•       Eternal Bliss 

•       General rules as a Muslim 

•       Daily Azkaar, Supplications 

•       Knowing about Tauheed, Hadith & Fiqh 

•       Read and Memorize Short Surah’s of Qur’an 

In our Institute, we have very experienced Mentors and new students will have the option to find out about Islam in evident sense. Through our lessons, understudies will have the option to realize what Islam is. What’s more, it’s actually our lessons. We are the one of the most solid source for getting Islamic knowledge. Our well-prepared Coaches assist you in building up the soul in you and your youngsters. You can ask Q&A and pose any inquiry about any Islamic issue, rules and guidelines. 

At our institute, we teach the enriched and bright History of Islam in order to keep up the values as a Muslim. As of now we are offering classes to a number of Muslims and Groups living in all parts of the World including the USA and UK.

Go along with us today, we will support you in all possible ways to shape your faith as per genuine Muslim. To get familiar with this special Course, reach us and get 5 days Free Preliminary Class at our Online Quran Foundation.

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