Online Classes of Quran for Kids in USA, UK, Australia and Canada – How it Works!

Online Classes of Quran for Kids in USA, UK, Australia and Canada – How it Works!

Online Classes of Quran for Kids in USA, UK, Australia and Canada – How it Works!

‘Learn Quran Kids’ gives Online Classes of Quran to Kids in USA, UK, Australia and Canada. The idea is to utilize the Web Power and PC to get online Quran Education to the next level.

Online Quran Classes For Kids

Young Muslim Girls with Laptops

How are Classes of Quran led?

– Classes are led over the Internet-Web.

– We utilize most recent innovative technologies like Skype.

– Children come Online at the scheduled timetable.

– Our Teacher welcomes the Students.

– We start with Noorani Qaida.

– After Noorani Qaida’s completion we start with Quran directly.

– Both the Noorani Qaida and Quran are accessible on the Web online/offline.

– Online Quran classes for children can be re-scheduled whenever required.

– Mistakes of Students are informed right away and corrected immediately.

What is required for the Online Quran Classes for Kids?

Online Quran Classes, Sessions, Lessons.

All you need is a:

– Computer /Laptop

– Mic

– Internet (DSL/Broadband)

– Skype

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What to avoid before the Online Quran Classes?

Ensure the following:

– Your PC/Laptop is working fine and fast.

– Have an Antivirus Software App installed to abstain from breaking down.

– Your PC in-built or external Mic is working properly.

– Headphones are duly checked and working fine.

– Use the built-in feature of Skype to test your Earphones performance.

– If External Headphone is giving problem then use the implicit built-in headphone as a precaution.

– You are using the latest and most recent Version of Skype. Download from here.

– Internet speed must be adequate to catch up the lessons instantly.

– No overwhelming downloads are running in the background at all.

– If heavy download is running, at that point stop them during the Class.

– As a best practice, don’t install any unknown or obscure programs like games, free utilities.

– Free Software mostly contains Viruses or malwares so stay away from them at all expense.

– If nothing works, ask your parents or somebody senior to assist you.

– If the Class could not be conducted at that point quickly inform ‘Learn Quran Kids’ by any means preferably thru Email.

– We will try our best to re-plan your Class and cover in the next session.

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Get in touch with Us

We might want to listen to your proposals, suggestions, concerns & recommendations.

Do keep in touch with us utilizing our Website Page so that we can serve your needs better.

Why ‘Learn Quran Kids‘ ?

At ‘Learn Kids Quran’, we get your children to read Quran in the correct articulation, pronunciation and rules. You can have confidence that your children are reading and learning Quran in the right way. Additionally, you get an entire 30 days unconditional Money-back Guarantee.

Get 30 days Money Back Guarantee!

Regardless of whether following 30 days of utilizing our Website Services, if you are not satisfied in any way whatsoever simply let us know and we will refund your full Fee.

Get a 3 days ‘Free Trial’ without any hesitation or Obligations!

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