Prophets and Messengers in Islam Belief & Obedience

Prophets and Messengers in Islam Belief & Obedience

Prophets and Messengers in Islam Belief & Obedience

Allah Almighty has given guidance to the mankind through his Prophets. All Prophets are Humans but Allah SWT selected the “Best of All” to bring His message to the human beings in this World. Prophet-hood is God-given and no man or woman has the capacity to self-originate it, according to the Holy Quran. Only those Super Humans were selected by God Almighty for prophet-hood who had the potential to defend themselves from lures of inner desires and Satan in addition and they were pious and righteous amongst the people of Nations.

Difference between Messengers & Prophets

Messengers are those Humans who have been given the Shariah (Divine Law & Book) by Allah SWT. All Messengers mentioned in Holy Quran are Prophets, but it is not necessary that each Prophet is also a Messenger of God. Rasool is another word applied for Messenger and Nabi for Prophet. Prophets are those who are although the Messengers of God but they do not bring or deliver any Shariah or New Law, rather they observe the Shariah of the previous Messenger.

Need of Prophets and Messengers

Prophets were not required to make the people realize the existence of God and difference between good and evil. Allah SWT has described in Quran that this perception has been ingrained in their nature. Therefore, the general perception is not correct concerning the need of Prophets. Following are the logical reasons behind existence of Prophets and Messengers sending them here in this world.

O       The first purpose is related to the completion of Guidance. Although, the humans have the ingrained thoughtfulness of Good or Bad, however, they require a Reminder from God because the inner knowledge is in concise shape.

O       The 2nd purpose is for Itmām-ul-hujjat (lame excuses) as to evoke the human beings from any. This was carried out through by showing the Signs of Truth to Nation so that on the Day of Judgment no one can deny it.

At present, both of these reasons and purposes had already been served and completed by the Prophets and Messengers of God. Therefore, the Prophet-hood had come to an end. Hence, from now onward till the Day of Judgment, every human on earth is bound to follow the teachings of The Last Messenger and Prophet of God, Muhammad PBUH to pass the Final Test in the Hereafter.

Signs of Prophets in Islam

It can be observed in Quran that every Prophet was rewarded the Signs of Almighty to reveal. Here, we will point out some of them as per following.

O       A Prophet comes to his Nation with the prediction of the upcoming Prophet. For example, Prophet Yahya (AS) informed his Nation about approaching of Prophet Jesus (Esa AS). Similalry, Jesus (AS) told about the arrival of Holy Prophet Muhammad (SAW) which is anticipated in both old and new testaments of Bible.

O       A Prophet keeps the Message of Allah without any change or any contradiction in it. Quran has asserted itself as the only Book which has absolutely no change, neither in words nor in vowels. Even there is no any ideological contradiction after compiling since centuries. Holy Quran is the only Book that has an unmatchable characteristic which no other divine Holy Book can claim it – a live Miracle.

O       A Prophet is rewarded with the distinctive miracles to reveal to his Nation. For example, Prophet Mosa (Moses AS) and Prophet Esa (Jesus AS) showed open miracles to their respective nations. Similarly, the largest miracle of Holy prophet Muhammad (PBUH) is considered to be The Holy Quran whom qualities had been cited above.

There are almost 25 Prophets mentioned in the Holy Quran with their respective stories. However, the total number is around One Hundred Twenty Four Thousand (124,000) approx since the First Prophet of God on Earth, Adam (AS) as per Hadith. All the Prophets and Messengers came to preach only One God, One religion, the Religion of God that is “Islam”.

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