Why is Ramadan Important for Muslims?

The Islamic month of Ramadan is the 9th month of the Lunar Calendar. It lasts either 29 or 30 days.  As the moon of Ramadan is witnessed, Muslims in all over the world make preparations to get countless blessings from Allah SWT. According to a Hadith, the gates of Jahanum are closed and the doors of heaven are opened, the devils are chained in this month. In this article we are going to discuss why Ramadan is important for Muslims in all over the world.

Muslims are introduced by five pillars of Islam,

  1. Shahada or affirmation of faith
  2. Salah, saying prayer five times a day
  3. Fasting in the Holy Month of Ramadan
  4. Zakat or charities giving
  5. Hajj, pilgrimage to the Holy City of Mecca

To keep fasts in the Holy Month of Ramadan is the 3rd most important pillar of Islam. Ramadan is the time of fasting and spiritual progression. We can call this month a camp of spiritual training. It is a period to get closer to Allah SWT. Let us know about the historical importance of this holiest month.

Events Happened in the Holy Month of Ramadan

The month of Ramadan is important in the history for these significant reasons,

  1. Holy Quran was revealed in this blessed month
  2. Lailatul Qadr is considered to take place in the last ten days of Ramadan. It is also called the third stage of Ramadan. In the odd nights of the last ten days of Ramadan there is one holy night of Lailatul Qadr. Which is better than thousands of nights.
  3. On the 17th of Ramadan, 2 AH, the very first Battle of Muslims was fought between believers and non-believers. In this battle Muslims were very few in number against a huge number of non-Muslims. . Allah SWT granted victory to the followers of Islam.
  4. On the 18th of Ramadan, 8 AH, the city of Mecca was conquered in a very peaceful way under the leadership of Holy Prophet PBUH.  Prophet Muhammad SAWW entered in Mecca after ten years. It is considered as the end of the war between Muslims and Quraysh.
  5. On the 17th Ramadan, 40 AH, fourth caliph of Islam Hazrat Ali R.A was assassinated tragically.
  6. Hazrat Khadija was very first and beloved wife of Prophet Muhammad SAWW. She passed away in the holy month of Ramadan.
  7. On 15th Ramadan, Hazrat Hassan R.A was born. He was the son of Hazrat Ali R.A.

This is a short historical preview of the month of Ramadan. Now let us know about the blessings, virtues and significance of the Holiest month of Ramadan in the life of a Muslim.

What Makes Ramadan Very Special in the Life of a Muslim?

Most of the people think that in the month of Ramadan, there is just significance of suhoor and iftar. Most of us don’t know the actual blessings and virtues of this holy month. But let us first understand the actual purpose and meaning of fasting in Ramadan.

The time of fasting in Ramadan is before sunrise till sunset. In this duration of a few hours, we are prohibited to eat or drink anything.  We are also instructed to leave all such activities that count our minor or major sins.

Rather we should be focused on reciting the Quran, doing dhikr of Allah Almighty, reciting durood and making additional prayers. In this month very good deeds give us 70% more blessings than in the other months.

The purpose of fasting during Ramadan makes us realize the pain of hungry and deprived people. It makes us able to understand and feel the pain of thousands and millions of people who are living a life of poverty.

The month of Ramadan gives us a chance to be thankful and grateful to Allah SWT for having a fortunate life. We learn patience and tolerance this month. After 29 or 30 days of fasting during Ramadan, Allah SWT grants us a day of Eid al Fitr to be more grateful to Him. Muslims celebrate this event with their loved ones. They exchange gifts and greetings on this blessed day of joy and happiness.

Ramadan in the Quran

Allah says in Quran,

شَهْرُ رَمَضَانَ ٱلَّذِىٓ أُنزِلَ فِيهِ ٱلْقُرْءَانُ هُدًۭى لِّلنَّاسِ وَبَيِّنَـٰتٍۢ مِّنَ ٱلْهُدَىٰ وَٱلْفُرْقَانِ ۚ فَمَن شَهِدَ مِنكُمُ ٱلشَّهْرَ فَلْيَصُمْهُ ۖ وَمَن كَانَ مَرِيضًا أَوْ عَلَىٰ سَفَرٍۢ فَعِدَّةٌۭ مِّنْ أَيَّامٍ أُخَرَ ۗ يُرِيدُ ٱللَّهُ بِكُمُ ٱلْيُسْرَ وَلَا يُرِيدُ بِكُمُ ٱلْعُسْرَ وَلِتُكْمِلُوا۟ ٱلْعِدَّةَ وَلِتُكَبِّرُوا۟ ٱللَّهَ عَلَىٰ مَا هَدَىٰكُمْ وَلَعَلَّكُمْ تَشْكُرُونَ ١٨٥


“Ramadan is the month in which the Quran was revealed as a guide for humanity with clear proofs of guidance and the standard ˹to distinguish between right and wrong˺. So whoever is present this month, let them fast. But whoever is ill or on a journey, then ˹let them fast˺ an equal number of days ˹after Ramadan˺. Allah intends ease for you, not hardship, so that you may complete the prescribed period and proclaim the greatness of Allah for guiding you, and perhaps you will be grateful’’.

In Surah Qadr Allah says,

إِنَّآ أَنزَلْنَـٰهُ فِى لَيْلَةِ ٱلْقَدْرِ ١

وَمَآ أَدْرَىٰكَ مَا لَيْلَةُ ٱلْقَدْرِ ٢

لَيْلَةُ ٱلْقَدْرِ خَيْرٌۭ مِّنْ أَلْفِ شَهْرٍۢ ٣

تَنَزَّلُ ٱلْمَلَـٰٓئِكَةُ وَٱلرُّوحُ فِيهَا بِإِذْنِ رَبِّهِم مِّن كُلِّ أَمْرٍۢ ٤

سَلَـٰمٌ هِىَ حَتَّىٰ مَطْلَعِ ٱلْفَجْرِ ٥


Indeed, ˹it is˺ We ˹Who˺ sent this ˹Quran˺ down on the Night of Glory.

And what will make you realize what the Night of Glory is?

The Night of Glory is better than a thousand months

That night the angels and the ˹holy˺ spirit1 descend, by the permission of their Lord, for every ˹decreed˺ matter.

It is all peace until the break of dawn.

Hadith About the Ramadan

It was narrated that Abu Hurairah said:

“The Messenger of Allah said: ‘Whoever fasts Ramadan out of faith and in the hope of reward, he will be forgiven his previous sins.” ‘

[Sunan an-Nasa’i Book-22 Hadith-116]

The Messenger of Allah Said,

Narrated Abu Huraira:

Allah’s Messenger (ﷺ) said, “When the month of Ramadan starts, the gates of the heaven are opened and the gates of Hell are closed and the devils are chained.”

[Sahih al-Bukhari Book-30 Hadith-9]

In another hadith Muhammad PBU said,

Abu Hurairah (May Allah be pleased with him) reported:

Messenger of Allah (ﷺ) said, “The five (daily) Salat (prayers), and from one Jumu’ah prayer to the (next) Jumu’ah prayer, and from Ramadan to Ramadan are expiations for the (sins) committed in between (their intervals); provided the major sins are not committed”.

[Sahih Muslim Book-1 Hadith-130]

May Allah SWT give courage to get His countless blessings in the holy month of Ramadan. Amen.