The Holy QURAN with “TAJWEED”

The Holy QURAN with “TAJWEED”

The Fundamentals of QURAN

Fundamentals of TAJWEED are simply said to be One of the most beautiful Fundamentals of QURAN & QURAN stands Fundamental of ISLAM. QURAN is the Last and Complete Guidebook of GOD Almighty sent to the Mankind thru His Last Prophet MUHAMMAD (PBUH). It covers all respects of Mortal & Immortal Life of Human Beings on Earth in particular and the rest of Universe in general. Amazingly, QURAN speaks very Loud & Clear for All Walks of Life, not only about the Life Underwater but also talk about the Creature in the Sky, Over-Sky & Planets too. Modern Science has revealed a lot of hidden Secrets clued in Quran 1450 Years ago which endorses the authenticity of this divine Holy Book of God. MUSLIMS take it as a Part of their Faith and firmly believe that each word of Quran is a “Word of Wisdom” for the whole Mankind. Every important Topic of Life has been described in it directly & indirectly as the Supreme Guiding Principles in an extremely logical way. Any individual Muslim or Non-Muslim who wishes to explore the Realities of Life is needed to Read QURAN and find out the Concepts & Understanding of ISLAM.

It is important to learn and understand Quran according to the set Rules & Standards with Protocols. Recognizing the fact that by neglecting Quran Muslims suffered a lot worldwide and are continuously suffering until now unfortunately. The Only way to get rid of this unwanted and fragile situation of Ummah and to get the lost Pride of Muslims back We must have to Return & Turn towards QURAN with immediate effect. Those who are settled outside their Country of Origin can benefit Quran Online Classes over Internet using Skype from the qualified Tutors LIVE in their own Language.

The Youth these days is terribly misled by numerous Channels due of absence of the basic knowledge about ISLAM and Quran in particular. To support in adherence to the core values & importance of learning Quran, few Facts are being given below with the Hope that these can compel us to think about the valuable Task of Learning Quran.

Typically, it has been assumed that ISLAM usually raise Objections against the modern Science & its Innovations & Muslims do not believe in the scientific approaches and angles of its Understanding. That is Wrong & Untrue because Quran unquestionably not only support Science but also help Scientists with Clues to explore the World and find Truth & greatness of God Almighty. Instead ISLAM encourages to digout & discover the Miracles of God scattered in the Universe. So, it is possible to enrich ourselves with the knowledge to believe in the apparently Unbelievable Wonders as much as we read & understand Quran.

Another fake and rubbish Misunderstanding is that ISLAM support and provoke Terrorism whereas ISLAM in Arabic means PEACE so as a Religion of GOD, ISLAM is a Religion of Peace as simple as that. Again it is understandable if we read & understand Quran in its true Sense.

While taking a few Examples, Quran has plenty of Do’s & Don’ts for the Muslims which belong to Social, Financial, Marital and Ethical responsibilities of a Muslim. Once again, the only way to comprehend them is to learn and comprehend Quran. Without comprehension it is not possible to enlighten ourselves as well as others. It is thought that Islam propagates rigorous Legislations. To know the reason and logic behind these Punishments, once again Understanding Quran is crucial.

Regarding Human Rights & Women Rights in particular it is assumed that Islam advocates Patriarchy or don’t provide equal opportunities to the Women. Also females have to sacrifice for the perceived legal rights from the Society. Recognizing it and finding out the real essence of Law, Quran help us to recognize what are basic rights of both Men & Women. It is therefore said that Learn & Understand this Holy Guidebook of our Creator-Quran and be able to guide yourself as well as Others appropriately.

A bitter reality nowadays is that we have already set our own Priorities therefore as a result due to different untold reasons it is frequently not possible for everybody to go to Quran Centers to attend the courses especially in Europe and other Western countries. Internet can now be taken as a Blessing in Disguise as distant learning or Learning On-line has been made easier globally. Now Everyone can take the advantage and privilege to learn Quran Online from Anywhere & Anytime. Distinguished Scholars, qualified Teachers & experienced Tutors with complete Understanding educate the Participants in the Online classes. Those who are living abroad and are  incapable of taking their kids to Mosque or any kind of Centre can take benefit from these Online Quran Academies. As a bonus Parents can also maintain a check on their Youngsters with peace of mind at their own Comfort Zones. Frankly, the Students esp the Children really enjoy this thrilling method of Learning and adults too with enthusiasm on Skype and any Study with such spirit and zest plays a magic role in learning fast.

To start with reciting Quran “Pronunciation” plays a vital role in the process thus “Tajweed” adhering to standard Rules beautifies the reading. These parameters are essential for the Student to learn first skillfully. There are standard Guidelines which are required to be observed and followed by the Students in order to learn the Holy Quran with Tajweed.

For Example:

Rule No.1     Good manners & good Spirit.

Rule No. 2 – Clean Area & Tidy Environment.

Rule No. 3 – Proper Full & Clean Dress.

Rule No. 4 – Clean Body with Ablution (Wazoo).

Ideally, it would be excellent if the Student sit in Circle or heading towards Qibla (Kaaba). These Rules are very important for the Students to comply with it. That is proper full Dress, Wazoo, preferably heading towards Kaaba (Qibla). Before the Start of Session make sure that All is done and set in discipline. Now discover the Holy Quran with Tajweed and apply these Golden Rules in your daily Sessions with Beauty.

Children are your Financial Investments analogically which require you to smartly handle them with Care so that they could bring your Earnings not only Here in this World but also in the World Hereafter as well. So you ought to raise your children to begin Learning Quran with TAJWEED.

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