Quran Learning for Kids

Quran is the sacred book sent by Allah for the betterment of humanity. Allah sent this book to his beloved Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H), and it is obligatory for every Muslim to read and learn Quran. By reading and understanding the Quran, you will become successful in this life and hereafter too. Allah says, “And declare that the Quran is guidance and healing for the believers.” So, read and understand Quran for your betterment. Also, it is the responsibility of parents to make their children learn and understand Al-Quran. Here are some of the reasons that will convince you why Quran learning for kids is important.

Understanding of Islam

Understanding of Islam is the first reason that explains why Quran learning for kids is important. Through Quranic verses, children will better understand their religion, Islam. Quran is the word of Allah; it has a verse for every situation in life. Everything is mentioned in the Quran, whether it is about women or men, hope or patience, believer or disbeliever. Through the Quran, kids can understand the importance of Islam and the sacrifices made by followers of Islam. Children will gain knowledge and will be able to differentiate between right and wrong. Islamic knowledge for kids also increases their faith in Islam and Allah, which will bring them prosperity in life and be regarded as one of your honorable deeds as parents.

Influence of Quran

Quran for kids is a great influence at an early age. When children read Quran at a young age, it has a profound spiritual impact on them and shapes their entire lives. Kids can experience the peace and comfort that remains with them throughout their lives. Kids at a young age are like clay that can mould into any shape. As a result, if kids begin reading the Quran at a young age, they will be shaped in this manner. They will seek tranquilly, calm, and wisdom from the Quran. They will make judgments based on the Quran’s direction, which will lead to prosperity in this life and afterlife.

Quran, A Vehicle that Will Take You Towards the Road of Success

Allah says, “Whoever reads a letter from the Book of Allah will have a reward. And that reward will be multiplied by ten.” Your kids will be rewarded for every letter they pronounce, and this will take them directly to paradise. Through Al-Quran, your kids will get the tranquility and the inner peace that will transform their behaviors and attitudes. Quranic verses help your kids in understanding the universe we are living in. They will have the ability to uncover the secrets of the cosmos, which will lead them directly to the path of success. Sometimes, they are haunted by some questions, and there is nowhere they find answers for them, but by reading Quran, kids will get answers to their every question. The Quranic verses disclose the meaning of life, a person’s true identity, ultimate destiny, and the actions that will enable your children to find tranquilly.

Infinite Good Deeds

Earnings of infinite deeds s one of the foremost reasons that why Quran learning for kids is important. Your kid will be rewarded with infinite good deeds by reciting Al Quran. The good deeds add up to noble deeds and do away with evil deeds. Additionally, the good deeds are not limited to the efficient reading of the Quran, but Allah says, “One who is proficient in the reading of Quran is associated with the noble, upright, recording angles, and he who falters in it, finds difficulty in reading, will be rewarded double.” So, the recitation of Al-Quran brings a constellation of good deeds that will make your children forgiving in the afterlife.

Wrapping up, the Quran serves as a daily reminder of who a person is and what his life’s purpose is. If your children read the Quran daily, they will be free of sin and motivated towards good acts. Quran is a spiritual fuel that strengthens, replenishes, and has a good influence on a person’s life. So, if you want your children to be successful in this life and the next, teach them to read and memorize the Quran.