Learn Quran Classes Academy is an educational organization that was set up with an idea to pursue the teachings of the Holy Quran using the latest digital technology. Our main focus is to spread the true teachings of the Quran through the Best Online Quran Teachers. Learn Quran Classes Academy was purely made with an initiative to encourage the superlative classroom experience through counteractive informative online sessions. All courses and syllabi are professionally designed by Quranic scholars and experts. We want to meet the growing needs of rightful Quran learning. We are fully functional with the coursework plan, incorporating with Quranic memorization process and classroom plan. We set the trend of optimized browser software giving live streaming video or audio Quran lectures and much more. Learn Quran Classes Academy provides you with Expert Quran Tutors for courses like Recitation, Tajweed, Hifz, and Arabic.

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We make sure to provide the best possible ways of providing one on one online Quran learning in the most convenient, flexible, and economical way.

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One-On-One Quran Classes

One-on-one live interactive sessions. Immense Quran learning opportunities for children and Parents

Online Quran Learning

Easy and accessible Online Quran Learning. The whole family gets the chance to Learn Quran Online.

Interactive Quran Classes

With all the video streaming, whiteboard, screen sharing, software use, and multi-way audio, Learn Quran Classes ensures that the Quran learning process is as interactive as possible.

Expert Quran Tutors

Expert tutors selected from all around the world.Availability of trained and expert Quran tutors

Flexible Timings 

We provide services 24/7. You have the chance to reschedule your timings of Online Quran Classes easily.

Device Convenience

At Learn Quran Classes now you can take the Quran Learning Lessons on PC, tablet, or any android device, thus making it easy for you to Learn Quran Online anywhere anytime.

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Start reading Quran with gaining knowledge of Tajweed as it plays an important role in the preservation of the Quran and its authority. Proper teaching of tajweed helps you to learn the correct pronunciation of the words which leads to the production of perfect meanings. It is necessary and important for every Muslim kid and adult to learn the Holy Quran with Tajweed. The very first step while learning Quran with Tajweed is to go through the traditional Qaida which is a foundation course. It allows the student to recite the Quran with proper Tajweed rules. Students will start reading the Holy Quran accurately in a fluent manner after the completion of this basic Tajweed course.

Our academy online Quran classes for kids are specially designed in such a way that you can gain the knowledge of Quran easily in the limited time period. We take the responsibility of giving the best Quran classes to our beloved kids. There are some courses which are mainly for the kids so that they can learn the Quran in the easiest and simpler way.

Adults can also join our Online Quran Classes as we have some special courses and scholars for them. You just have to tell us your most convenient time in which you are free then we will arrange the Best Online Quran Teachers for you. Reading the Quran is the true blessing so start taking classes from the comfort of your home.

Alhamdullilah, I am really happy with my learning foundation with Learn Quran Classes Academy. As an arrival endeavoring to learn Quran on the web, I have felt undermined and confused with a couple of schools, be it locally or on the web and never getting passed the statement. I have now grabbed trust in learning the Quran. All Praise to Allah SWT alone! What a straightforwardness of searching for data from the comfort of our own homes. It is an awesome and steady Quran practices online Alhamdulillah. The instructors are especially valid and enduring. My kids are incredibly lively and upheld. We should improve our lives by thinking about the Holy Quran.

Sofia Asim

Sofia AsimTajweed Student