Importance of Noorani Qaida in Learning Quran

Holy Prophet Muhammad SAWW said, “The best among you is who learn Quran and teach it”. To learn Quran recitation it is necessary to be familiar with Arabic language. Arabic is a language with a wide range of vocabulary. And Noorani Qaida is a stairway to learn it.

Arabic language has a special protocol to learn it with proper pronunciation. If it is not being learn in its correct phonation, then we may change the meanings of the words we pronounce wrongly. Especially while we are reciting the Holy Book of Quran. There is no margin to do mistake in Quran recitation or to repeat those mistakes again and again.

For this purpose the experts of Quran recitation start Quran teaching with the help of Noorani Qaida. This booklet of elementary practice for Quran reading is also known as ‘Quran Primer’. It gives us very good knowledge about Arabic alphabets. We can learn the rules of Quran recitation as well in this first step of Quran learning.

Benefits of Learning Noorani Qaida

Being Muslims we all are aware to the importance of learning Quran recitation, Quran Tajweed rules, Quran translation and learning the Tafsir of Quran.  Non-Arab natives takes Noorani Qaida as first step to learn all these courses.

The basic purpose of Noorani Qaida is to learn Arabic alphabets and rules of pronouncing Quranic words in an appropriate manner. Once a person has learned Noorani Qaida he can recite Holy Quran with the rules and regulations of Tajweed.

Here are some of the benefits of learning Noorani Qaida

  • Noorani Qaida is the best initial step to start learning Quran for kids. It contains Arabic Alphabets that help to read Quran in Arabic.
  • Non-Arab populaces read Arabic by spellings. But if you have learned Noorani Qaida you can fluently read Arabic and recite Holy Quran with a perfect pronunciation.
  • Noorani Qaida helps to learn Arabic grammar. Words that are inter linked together can be read easily when you have learned Noorani Qaida.
  • If we recite Quran without Tajweed rules, there a great chance of reciting words in a wrong way. That is why to learn Tajweed rules of Quran, Noorani Qaida is considered as the best initial stage.
  • Noorani Qaida makes it easier for the Quran tutor to teach Quran in an easy and interactive way. Because it is the best easy and straight way to start learning Quran recitation.
  • Having a good know how of Arabic alphabets and Tajweed rules from Noorani Qaida, Quran memorization can be done easily.

How to Start Learning Noorani Qaida?

Islam gives a great importance on education and learning. There is no specific age to be educated. Prophet Muhammad SAWW said,

“Seek knowledge from the cradle to the grave”

It means we can start learning Quran and getting knowledge in any age. To learn Noorani Qaida first of all you need to get an experienced Quran teacher. He/she will take you on the journey of Quran learning in a very easy and simple way.

Now a days a lot of online Quran teaching websites are offering best Quran tutoring with reasonable charges.

Apart from that a traditional way of Quran learning is still working in mosques and Madrassas. Where highly experienced Quran teachers are offering their services for free.

With the help of them you can start pronouncing Arabic letters in an absolute correct way. The colorful copy of Noorani Qaida makes it easy to identify the group of words pronouncing in a correct manner.

This booklet of initial step to learn Quran recitation with Tajweed rules is very small in size to carry. You can take it out from your hand bag any time and start revising its teachings.

Once you can recite Quranic words in a proper way, you can read their meanings as well. It will help you to understand the Quran and will make you more familiar to the Arabic language.

Prophet Muhammad PBUH said,

“One who is skilled in reciting the Quran is associated with the noble, pious scribes. As for he who stammers when reciting the Quran and finds it difficult for him. He will be granted a double reward”

It means that the effort we do to learn Quran has great rewards. May Allah help us to learn Quran in an appropriate way. May He SWT reward us for our efforts to learn His Holy book. Ameen.