Understanding the Quran

One feels great satisfaction and joy when understanding the Quran. Hence, we have dedicated our lives to develop easy and simple ways for Muslims and reverts to understand the Holy Quran. Our online Quran academy will consist of Arab and non-Arab male and female scholars. They are going to provide in-depth classes that you can attend while being at home. Our main goal is to beautify the lives of Muslims by simplifying the Quran learning for everyone who wishes to learn from anywhere.

The Quran Course

The curriculum of the course has been created to fulfil the abilities of everyone. Your current level of Quran knowledge shall not limit you as it does not matter where you are in the learning process. We shall take you to the beginning of it all and lead the way till the very end. To help you grasp the Quran, our teachers use innovative and enjoyable instructional strategies in our Quran curriculum. The course has been designed to keep pupils actively engaged in learning about the Quran.

Reading and Understanding Quran

Understanding Quran is a very noble act, which every Muslim should perform. It is a holy book that contains a complete code of life that Allah. By gaining an understanding, we shall find the solutions to our issues and challenges, bring ourselves closer to the Creator. Furthermore, it shall also help you to find peace in your worldly life and reap the rewards you deserve in the hereafter.

Learn Quran with Trial Class With Us

Understanding the Quran for Beginners

Many of us start to learn Quran as children but we might not have had the chance to explore the message and endless guidance lying beneath its pages. The mind of a beginner is filled with many questions during the learning process. Why are we reading the Quran in the first place? What is our motivation? What is our purpose? What do we want to gain of it? The most prominent obstacle that beginners face is how to read Quran properly and how to pronounce each word and verse in its original language which is Arabic. So, to walk through the path of Quran learning, we should first learn the basic Quran reading.

The Quran is translated into many languages but when we learn and understand it in Arabic, we will be able to gain a better grasp of the Creator’s words. Once we learn how to read it, we will easily be able to recite the Quran. Moreover, when we understand its wordings with tajweed, we shall not read the words and verse wrongly. Once a beginner learns it with utter focus, they can understand the Quran better.

Understanding the Quran for Kids

Reciting the Quran brings beauty into our lives, but we must also know the full meaning of the verses. Understanding the translation of the recitation shall help us grow spiritually and implement the commandments of Allah in a more profound way. Reciting and memorizing Quran can be difficult for kids. They may not remember the verses they do memorize.

It is just an Arabic language to them, and they have no idea what it means. They will remember these verses if they comprehend the meaning. If children comprehend Allah’s words instead of their parents telling them who Allah is and what His characteristics are, it will help them to form a strong bond with the Creator and become faithful servants of his.

Understanding the Quran for Non-Muslims

If Non-Muslims wish to understand the Quran, they can read its translation. Yet the mere reading of it shall not suffice; they must comprehend what the book is conveying. What is the underlying message? Therefore, should anyone face any difficulties when comprehending it, they should seek the advice of our scholars. They are well-versed in the subject and ever ready to help. Together, we can learn and comprehend what the Quran is genuinely about. We shall help Non-Muslims explore everything that the Creator wishes to communicate to us and know about all that He would like us to do. There are many misconceptions regarding the Quran, but they can only be dispelled once the Non-Muslims dig deep and learn about them. If they dive into the history of how the Quran was sent to the world, they would be able to grasp the content and main message that it contains.

Why Should you Choose Us?

We are aiming to train your mind to think beyond the boundaries, to delve into the stories that the Quran tells and feel free, feel a purpose, and know the need to do and be good. We shall help you obtain the answer to every inquiry that you may have about the matters pertaining to afterlife and the world. Indeed, it is a wonderful journey of enlightenment that shall purify your soul. So, buckle up as you are to study the complexities of the world with our professional Islamic teachers.